Acne-Aid range, inclusive of AcneAid Cleanser 150ml & Bar Soap 100g

- Acne-Aid Liquid Cleanser is a mild, soap-free cleanser specially formulated for pimple-prone   and oily skin conditions. It cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly. The special formulation   prevents skin dryness and helps maintain skin’s normal, healthy pH.


PanOxyl range, inclusive of PanOxyl Acnegel 2.5 40g;

PanOxyl Acnegel 5 40g & PanOxyl Acnegel 10 40g

- PanOxyl Acnegel contains benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient for the treatment of pimples   (acne).
- PanOxyl Acnegel combats pimples through its antibacterial action and peeling (desquamative)   effect. The gel base also assists rapid absorption into the skin.


Brevoxyl Cream 40g

- Brevoxyl is indicated for the topical treatment of acne. It contains benzoyl peroxide 4% w/w   in a hydrophase aqueous base. The efficacy of this greaseless, colourless cream is equivalent   to 10% benzoyl peroxide but with lower irritation.

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